Viergelyn is a Reiki Master + Spiritual Healer

Viergelyn applies her eclectic intuitive and spiritually guided style integrating, Reiki energy, other soul medicine practices; such as crystal healing, candles, aromatherapy, sound clearing and channeling, journeying with Great Spirit*. A optimal, circulating vibrational and supportive sessions for well intentions of soul alignment, transformative, healing, personal growth and abundant life-hood.

In addition, clients can request the use of Quartz Pendulum on all energy meridian points penetrating your Human Energy Field or Aura in both Reiki and Crystal sessions.


I share the highest healing love vibration with you and support your transcendence!

Reiki Healing is an alternative form of medicine developed by the Japanese Buddhist Mikao Usui in about 1922. The Reiki Energy Healer has the ability to to heal individuals through the Healer's ability to redirect subtle internal energy and alignment, by opening up the clients/participants/students chakra energy source. The process of redirecting energies and opening up chakras is called attunement . Reiki energy addresses physical, mental, emotional and energetic imbalances. Reiki/Energy Medicine which is also called ki healing, psychic healing, magnetic healing - can be performed in-person and distance healing. This healing art modality utilizes universal life force energy to heal the whole physical body with/out physical contact. 

Chakra/Crystal Healing similar to Reiki is an alternative hands-on (or distance) healing modality utilized to aid healing illness, pain, emotional tension and release of old wounds and patterns. There are 7 main energy centers in the body, known as chakras . Each chakra energy field is located throughout our body so that it correlates to specific body ailment and physical dysfunctions. Each energy field/center houses emotional, mental strengths. Crystals have their own energy source. They can absorb, radiate, infuse or clear of energy. Crystals are a helpful in recharge energy centers. Each crystal used in session have a  particular descriptive meanings and its natural vibration.

Healing sessions are effective for the following :

  • Relieving stress and anxiety

  • Improving overall well-being

  • Minimizing discomfort from acute, chronic pain or injury

  • Cleansing & Setting healthier habits

  • Supporting emotional and spiritual healing

  • Addresses mental suffering and the links between soul, body and psyche

  • Releases from the body and mind that inhibit healthier relationships

  • Increase intuitive talents

  • Gain clarity and concentration

  • Release from past life patterns

  • Improve future outcomes and manifestation

  • and much more!

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