• Viergelyn Chery-Reed

Soul Alignement Session

What is this session?

A soul alignment session is an infused intentional session focused on what the client (soul) desires to create ( bring in to attention) in their lives, by way of transmuting, understanding, clearing, and transcending past soul memories, which are woven into mind, body and soul memories. Once we identify and clear these programs within our blueprint or what some like to call “records” we begin to experience a full range of life expressions, perspectives and take on a new set of attitudes and actions.

What happens in and after a session?

I want to be clear and transparent that some folks experience different responses to sessions based on soul “records”. Therefore, may need less or more sessions. This is solely based on your my interpretation.

How do I conduct them?

As a full range self-realized intuitive healer I use spiritual, energy and natural intuitive clairsentient talents (vibrational source energy) for cultivating the medium for an in-depth “portal” or space for shifting and transmuting energy. We are all energy and we can all influence and express energy through time and space. What I am doing is basically using time, space and energy to “clear” or shift the mapping of your blueprint, while amplifying my connection to source energy.


  • Shifting soul energy within body

  • Accelerated clarity and changes in perception

  • Shift in holistic state of being

  • Deepen spiritual development/growth/awareness

  • Shift in relationship, sense of health, and wellbeing

  • Flow of abundance from alignment state

  • Changes in life direction

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