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Updated: Jun 29

So I had my second human and the 4 trimester is over! Now what? I've started a community channel so if you are in the preparation to action stage come join me!

I am a believer that you can curate dreams into reality. I'm a believer that community or the relationship way builds strong energence of those dreams.

There is always a tribe out there for you!

Anyways, so here I am resetting my intuitive and mindful eating practices. Fishing old practices for new beginnings.

Sure, I'd like to get to and " old" me, yet what fun would that be. That person is long gone and never returning! I am ready for a new chapter.

As a holistic life coach and intuitive healer I find the most comfortable when you meet yourself again, and again and again. The practice of self is every flowing.

Ive created a community for those looking to share meal preparation and planning ideas, insipre share tips and of course my most known for hashtag #whatsinyourcart is back!

Whether your goal is to tone up, lose some weight, find a tribe or just hang out and be a #foodie just be respectful, kind, clear with your boundaries and do the work!

See ya in the group!



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