Coaching from soul to human experience

Holistic Integrative coaching is an accelerated experiential combining coaching, psychology, spiritual, and healing arts practices for soul alignment in all areas of life focus. 


  • Distance or In-person sessions

  • Soul Reiki & Intuitive Healing session

  • Clarity & Guidance Calls


Accountability Coaching two way real-time communication

Soul Clearing session for purpose of removing, clearing, transmuting blocks and raising vibrational energy state

Additional add-on services can be discussed on soul discovery session call

Coaching intensive sessions

Monthly coaching distance or in-person intensive sessions; 1 to 1.5 hours with the 6-month commitment for most effective of services. 

This benefits those with a busy life, may seek laser accountability coaching, master strategy planning. The general focus on 1 area of life, maybe already master goal-setting and action-oriented stage of live abundance. 

Payment Options: full payment or 3-month payments

You are your own creator

Soul Attunement Series

A intensive accelerated laser coaching series for those looking for intuitive guidance during major life transitions, clarity in life direction holistic strategic guidance around abundance state.

Includes: (2) distance sessions, (1) exercise in-between sessions, (1) soul reiki and intuitive guidance session

Current Bonus: Slack is included for weekly real-time communication

Payment: full payment 

Must be used within 60 days.

Spark Aligned Coaching

3-month coaching

This coaching plan provides coaching experience for 3-month commitments. You are able to create an individualized coaching plan from services and add-ons.

Great for folks looking for short-term coaching, focused on laser coaching on 1 areas of life, already goal-setting, action-oriented. stage of change for life abundance 

Payment options: full payment or 2 payments plan with a deposit

Spark Aligned  Mastery & Manifestor Coaching

6 to 12-month coaching

This coaching plan provides coaching experience for 6-12 month commitments; with a coaching-client contract. You are able to create an individualized coaching plan from services and add-ons; optional distance and in-person combination.

Great for folks looking working on long      term goals/planning, focused on accountability/mindset, spiritual/intuitive development, skills coaching, more than 2 areas of life, identify master goal planning, strategy steps, holistic principles towards personal and/or professional/business development

Payment options: full payment or monthly  payments with a deposit

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