• Professional Life Coach

  • Reiki Energy Practitioner

  • Spiritual Attunement & Intuitive Integrative Practitioner

  • Holistic Interests: Contemplative Inquiry, Spirituality, Mind-BodyWork, Energy Medicine, Emotional Freedom Technique and Tapping, Herbalism, Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP).

  • 11 years of personal experience with healing arts and integrative alternative medicine

  • Space-Holder/Sacred Keeper facilitating restorative wisdom sacred circles *


A Guide to Your Goals

Viergelyn is a licensed psychotherapist, international holistic integrative coach, and soul reiki energy and intuitive healer. Also, she provides consultations, workshops, lectures, and an adjunct professor. 

Her purpose is to help embrace, cultivate, and enhance your life through principles and practices that deconstruct and re-align with who you are and step into your authentic power and live life on your terms.

Viergelyn is a self-proclaimed soul alignment, soul emergent expert. She coined the term following what she considers a series of soul-emerge-n-see experiences that shifted the trajectory of her soul and human experience. She has since developed multiple soulpreneur platforms for the mission of impacting, inspiring, and provoking in-sightful processes with other lightworkers on a healing and transformative journey.

Viergelyn works with highly sensitive intuitive empaths, soulpreneurs, intuitive goal-getters, heart-centered trailblazers in life & business activities. She generally works with people in areas related to major life transitions, spiritual/intuitive development, lifestyle changes, whole-body healing, relationship issues, ancestral patterns, professional development, mindset coaching, clearing abundance blocks.

She activates inner wisdom so fierce holistically-driven leaders and entrepreneurs can increase confidence, make ground-breaking ideas into reality, sense inner peace, and balance in everyday living. This is not for the faintest hearts, but the deep creative visionaries on a deeper mission for worldwide transformation and inspiration.

Viergelyn foundation of work is rooted in expressive, ancestral, spiritual, ritualism, intuitive, metaphysical, energy psychology, contemplative inquiry, and other forms of practices that foster deep healing, radical love, self-renewal for which you cultivate your foundation for living a soul alignment lifestyle.

Are you interested in activating the spark of self-remembering? Viergelyn continues to offer the most sought out activating package: Soul Attunement Series.

You can also schedule a consultation with her if you are interested in shifting your mindset, cultivating an action-plan, break-through, and transformative life!

Schedule a soul alignment, intuitive guidance, or a 1-hour holistic coaching session.

Viergelyn uses a holistic integrative framework as a vehicle for:

  • old, stagnant, wounded and sabotaging patterns

  • rewire the mind-body and spirit connection

  • alter the states of the conscious and subconscious mind for a transformative, transmutative and developing experience

  • Support the development of tapping into unique brilliance, talents, skills to increase self-confidence, motivation, and prosperity in life endeavors


You can schedule a complimentary 30-minute SOUL DISCOVERY CALL for a laser-focused strategy coaching session to step into your power unapologetically!

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