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As I reflect on the early stages of my development, I come to realize that my life has/was always intertwined with holistic and alternative practices for living. Thus, my integration of the use of healing arts, ancestral practices, and herbal remedies as my lifestyle. These are the "soul medicine" birthrights and is with all living beings. Thus, you and I are instinctually connected and part of the collective healing power. This lifestyle has evoked healing, transformation, and cultivation of abundance and a pure flow state. I have found it to be an accelerated change in my personal development.


Since 2014, I have worked with many clients focused on intentionally integrating and re-discovering an abundance flow state, easing mental and emotional stress, and aligning with one's true purpose in life. All sessions are formulated to be experienced as an experiential holistic process.


Here are just a few of my soul directions in life:

  1. Humans being can explore the deepest aspects of who they are in mind, body, and spirit.

  2. Humans can cultivate a balanced and harmonized lifestyle by examining self-realized experiences

  3. Humans can understand the collective the eco-system, and how this impacts wellness

  4. Humans have the capacity and power to emerge through cycles of authenticity and develop full consciousness of one's life purpose, accepting one's choice with personal responsibility. 


What's the magick? Humans form a deepened sense of compassion, emotional clarity, and openness. Allowing and releasing old patterns that no longer serve.

My mission is complex, yet simplistic; to be a guide, an activator, and motivate practices that foster an ongoing alignment process for the collective towards establishing a sense of remembering, fulfillment, unity, and balance as a vehicle towards cultivating collective resources for all wellness.

"A holistic self is in fact a whole-self and that is alignment". - Viergelyn

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